Maersk Line in COSCO custom-made seven ice class container ships
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Today, Maersk and COSCO Shipyard Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "COSCO") signed an agreement in Zhoushan custom-made seven capacity as 3600TEU (twenty-foot container) container vessels. The custom-made 200-meter vessel length, width 35.2 meters, draft of 10 meters. COSCO Shipping and Maersk consultations decided not to disclose the specific price custom-made vessels.

The first order is custom-made Maersk Line announced a new investment plan since. Maersk Line announced last year that it would invest $ 15 billion over the next five years for the new custom-made boat, retrofitting existing vessels, containers and other related equipment purchase. Through this investment, Maersk Line will ensure capacity growth is consistent with the global container market demand, and gradually replace less efficient leasing ships.

Maersk Line COO Soren Toft (Soren Toft), said: "I am very pleased to announce this ship custom-made program, which is why we plan to invest in the first line Maersk Line's strategy is to grow with the market. consistent, to achieve this goal, we need to start running in 2017 a new boat. we plan to implement more orders in 2015. "

The Maersk Line vessels will be custom-made to serve in the Seago Line service network. Seago Line is Maersk Line's container shipping companies, mainly in Europe and the Mediterranean region to provide offshore container transport services.

The custom-made ship to achieve unprecedented economies of scale, they can sail in sea ice area Nordic waters. They will Seago Line's feeder vessels and offshore customers with competitive services, including winter transport services.

Seago Line will deliver the custom-made ship in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, replace only part of the capacity of new ships set half or smaller container ships. The new ship will use custom-made marine light diesel oil (Marine Gas Oil), so as to meet the emission standards for sulfur emission control Nordic region since January 1, 2015 start execution.

The custom-made vessels will be delivered between April 2017 to November. The order contains the right to choose the other two vessels, Maersk Line will be announced within eight months whether to exercise the option.

This is the first custom-made new Maersk Line vessels from COSCO Shipping, COSCO Shipyard and this is the first time the construction of container ships. However, Maersk and COSCO Shipyard has a long history of cooperation, Maersk Line has been to transform the selection COSCO ship repair and dry dock.

Soren Toft said: "COSCO Shipyard has extensive experience in shipbuilding, construction had been high-quality, fuel-efficient ship COSCO Shipyard we build our new boat very confident.."

Seago Line Introduction

Seago Line is provided solely between Europe and the Mediterranean region transport services container shipping companies. All State service network throughout Europe, the Mediterranean region, Russia and the Baltic countries. Seago Line in the region has 25 major national offices, with 400 employees, 67 vessels with a total capacity of 133,000TEU. The company has been committed to creating value for customers, it is one of the largest shipping companies in Europe and feeder services provided offshore transportation. Seago Line was founded in 2011, is a subsidiary of Maersk Line.

Maersk Line Introduction

Maersk Line is the world's largest container shipping company, to provide a reliable, flexible and environmentally friendly container transport service is known. The company in the world in 116 countries 374 offices provide services to customers.

Maersk Line has 7,100 seamen and 25,500 office staff, has 610 container ships. Maersk Line's business brands include: Maersk Line (Maersk Line), Safmarine (Safmarine), Americas provides Sealand shipping service. Maersk Line is the holding company of the following three companies, which are: Asian shipping services Muller Asian shipping (MCC Transport), offers European shipping services Seago Line Brazil and Mercosul provide shipping services.
Maersk Line Maersk Group of shipping companies, the Group is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Maersk Group has 89,207 employees and operations in 130 countries worldwide. The company's revenue in 2014 amounted to $ 48 billion.

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