Ministry of the full deployment of the implementation of "the depth of the development of military and civilian integration 2015 special action"
2015-8-18 9:25:19   【Number of times read:707】
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Organization in Beijing recently held a teleconference, the full deployment of the implementation of "civil-military integration depth development 2015 special action." The special task actions concerning ship and marine engineering field has two main, first introduced last year to further promote the "marine engineering equipment project implementation plan", the second is to study the development of independent development of marine equipment industry promotion plan.
  In terms of military and civilian integration, China's shipbuilding industry has gone through the "Israeli based" "Israeli army with the people," "In China Yang Jun," "integrating the armed forces" and other stage, and found a number of good practices, such as centralized support , business associates, etc., in the "people to join the army" has accumulated a wealth of experience "conversion" aspect has become China's national defense science and technology industry, market openness highest conversion efficiency of the best, most military and civilian sectors.
  Although China's shipbuilding industry in civilian integration has made great achievements, but compared with developed countries, there is still a large gap, mainly for military and civilian integration path is not smooth, military and civilian resources sharing level is not high, in an organic interaction, effective transformation terms of effectiveness deficiencies. Experts said the reason is because our country does not fully adapted to the formation of a sound civil-military integration of institutional mechanisms of the market economy environment. Therefore, China's shipbuilding enterprises should conscientiously implement the central major decisions and plans, the relevant requirements of Xi Jinping spirit of the speech as well as government departments around the naval and civilian vessels and construction equipment to enhance marine equipment manufacturing capability of independent innovation, accelerate the establishment of integrated military and civilian push institutional mechanisms depth development, promotion of advanced civilian ship and marine engineering technology transformation and application in the military field, interact shared military and civilian resources, establish and improve military and civilian, integrating the armed forces of naval equipment and civilian ship and marine engineering equipment research and production system for the people's Navy to build more "maritime weapon", and to promote our country as soon as possible to become the world shipbuilding power.
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