ZPMC AUV project won the national project
2015-8-18 9:24:58   【Number of times read:698】

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission was informed by ZPMC declared "large underwater robot system equipment development and industrialization," the marine engineering equipment R & D and industrialization of special projects, the State Development and Reform Commission project. This marks ZPMC underwater robot that popular, high-end underwater equipment development and production will be supported by national policies and funding. Fully demonstrates the state's marine equipment ZPMC developed the leading domestic strength full recognition.
  According to the project requirements, ZPMC through underwater robotics system design, construction and testing of large-scale complete 3000 meters deep sea underwater robot engineering prototype development, and review by the Society; projects to have offshore platforms underwater inspection , drilling and support and subsea pipeline installation and maintenance of underwater operation capability; same time, to carry out the engineering demonstration submarine operations tasks for a specific application cases.
  Since the salvage, the rapid development of offshore oil engineering and other industries, underwater robots ushered in the development of a good time. According to the British energy consultancy Douglas Westwood Wisconsin company published "Investment AUV Market Forecast", the for 2013--2017 years of investment grade AUV market analyzes that underwater robots five-year period of the total project investment will reach $ 9.7 billion, representing an investment over the past five years, an increase of nearly 80%. Among them, the investment will account for drilling services AUV three-quarters of the total investment amount, the amount of investment in the annual growth rate of 13%.
  However, our underwater robot industry has only just started. Due to the high entering the field of financial and technical barriers, especially underwater robot operations with real structure is more complex, relatively long development cycle, industrialization difficult. This has to a certain extent hindered the industrialization process of underwater robots. As China Zhenhua Heavy marine key components manufacturing leader, from the National Oceanic and strategic business development reality, give full play to the advantages of its own research and development, to apply for the project NDRC, the State Great support, will bring development of underwater robot industry.
  Marine ship or on the platform carrying various electrical and mechanical equipment, whether technical content or price, to be much higher than the hull itself. ZPMC full play to "not only build housing, but also to build core" Marine competitive differentiation strategy, using its own electro-hydraulic research and development strengths, from restricting the development of marine mechanical and electrical products developed in this hard row to hoe to start, plus Great research project investment, in recent years, lifting the drilling platform system, the platform leg, pipe-laying ship hold, a heavy anchor on industrial investment and other key components of marine, once the market has been widely welcomed, and to achieve export. Not only to enhance the localization of key components of marine equipment, and improve the visibility of Zhenhua Heavy marine market.

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