Ship Group also undertake the construction of seven new contract orders
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June 26, the ship COSCO Dalian Group and China Ocean Shipping (Group) Corporation, owned signed a two 319,000 tons VLCC, 5 Sou 72,000 tons of finished / crude oil tanker newbuilding contracts. This is the gains new tanker ship orders within a month the group again, product management work again and again victory.
  319,000 tons VLCC Group developed a new generation of ship's highly competitive market brand ship, with a total length of 333 meters, 60 meters wide type, maximum load 319,000 tons, the design draft of 20.5 meters in the normally loaded 200 barrels of crude oil through the Malacca Strait. Its energy-saving features is very significant, excellent profile with more energy-efficient "G" type host and a new large-diameter efficient propeller, and configure the front paddle with independent property rights, after the paddle energy efficient combination means a comprehensive energy-saving effect, the Ship Model tank known foreign verify the ship's fuel consumption indicators in the world leading level.
  72,000 tons of finished / crude oil tanker ship group is following the VLCC tankers and AFRAMAX, newly developed and introduced to the market a further energy saving vessels. In the development process, ship, ship group closely tracking the development of technology and market trends LR1 tanker type of "safety, environmental protection, energy saving," the main line, the successful development of wide-body, shallow draft, large tank capacity, low energy consumption, etc. type of LR1 tankers. The ship design and development of fully consider the shipowners' needs and requirements and specifications to meet the latest entry into force of the imminent entry into force, and the rules of international conventions, has a strong technology advanced and forward-looking market, welcomed by domestic and foreign shipowners.
  General manager of COSCO Dalian Zhu Jianhui, deputy general manager of China Shipbuilding Industry International Trade Co., Ltd. Zhang Yuhuan, Liu Zheng ship Group leaders at every level, Li Cheng participated in the contract signing ceremony.

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