North CSIC ship repair steady growth
2015-8-18 9:21:10   【Number of times read:659】

In the first half, Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. efforts to overcome the difficulties caused by building and repairing competitive, optimize the product structure, market development to expand the total amount of the orders, and strictly control the construction and modification of ships and other project management to ensure completion Ship delivery task, major economic indicators to achieve "double half" goal.
  Industrial output value completed 50.2 percent of the annual plan, an increase of 7%; exports complete 50.2% of the annual plan, an increase of 37.4%, the export value of 50% of the annual plan, an increase of 1%; operating income is expected to flat with last year. Shipbuilding market downturn in the first half in the face of an unfavorable situation, efforts to develop new markets, following the successful signing of a 55,000 long tons lifting force floating dock and a self-propelled construction contracts since the jack-up drilling platforms, in May signed another two 113,000 truck construction contracts tons of finished oil tanker, which was first entered into the company's history product tanker contract to upgrade the product structure shipbuilding company continued to add chips. The hand-held order requirements, in the first half started the construction of a total of six ships /111.44 million dwt, an increase of the number of ships started a capacity utilization of tonnage increased by 7.2%; the completion of delivery of the vessel 4/93 million deadweight tons, an increase of 1 , completed tonnage increased by 72.2%. Combining the advantages of the use of build and repair ship repair, ship conversion continue to consolidate and expand the market, repairing a variety of areas involved in bulk cargo ships, containers, ro-ro, refrigeration, marine engineering and liquefied gas, while strengthening management and control of the dock to catch the repair period, well into the factory ship repair and service work, repairing production steadily in the first half output increased 14.1% ship repair, ship repair completion 78, wherein the modified 13 ships, ship conversion output value accounted for 64% of the proportion of the output value of ship repair . Ship supporting new products in the first half the company to undertake the contract value up 23.1%, of which 198 completed fiberglass boats, an increase of 10%.

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