Wuhan ship three machine marine support platform began to build
2015-8-18 9:20:51   【Number of times read:811】

  Recently, Wuhan Marine Machinery Co., Ltd. UAE exports three marine support platform in Qingdao Haixi construction started, this is the first time the company exports directly to the owner of the project, its design and technology with the performance leader in the field.
  The start of the three multi-purpose platform for the electric self-elevating marine support platform, mainly for the offshore oil and gas production and development support, the model platform for the four legged triangular truss structure, with a water depth of 80 meters and job function self-propulsion capabilities, rack and pinion with electric lift and electric propulsion and DP2 system control platform deck area of 1,400 square meters, variable load by 2,000 tons, to meet the daily needs of 250 people. Overall platform design features strong, high-profile, in the current auxiliary platform leader in the field. This type of independent research and development platform for the first time, its lift systems, lifting systems, propulsion systems and mooring positioning system and all other ancillary by the company, including lifting systems, propulsion and dynamic positioning systems and other key core unit sets are domestic initiative, 190 tons, 300 tons of marine cranes and platforms 3500 kilowatts rudder propellers and other means to break the foreign monopoly, to fill the gaps.

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